Reading Room

Reading Room

The museum has collected literature concerning hunting, horsemanship and related art. Today, the library collection encompasses publications spanning from 19th century until the present times; both non-serial publications, of which there are over 3,270 volumes, and serials, of which it has over 1,000 annual sets.

The works collected here are the pride of the Polish hunting literature. They include publications authored by Adolf Dygasiński, Wincenty Pol, Włodzimierz Dzieduszycki, Antoni Waga, Kazimierz Wodzicki, Jan Ostroróg, Józef Weyssenhoff, Mikołaj Reumann, Józef Potocki, Ferdynand Antoni Ossendowski, Stanisław Hoppe and others. The museum also is in the possession of a unique hunting literature item: the three-volume edition of “Kroniki myśliwskie Towarzystwa Lisowickiego” (The Hunting Chronicle of the Lisowickie Society), covering the period from 1871 to 1921.

The horsemanship book collection is also valuable and comprehensive. It includes, among other things, works of international importance, such as: Krzysztof Dorohostajski’s “Hippika to jest księga o koniach potrzeba i krotochwilna młodości zabawa” (Horsemanship, that is a Book on Horse’s Needs and an Impish Youth Play) (1861), Maryan Czapski’s “Historia powszechna” (World History) (1874), “Tabulated Pedigreess of Thoroughbred Horses” (1932) - genealogical tables of full-blooded English horses. One may not overlook such valuable publications as stud books, for instance: “Stood-Book des Chevaux de Trait Belges” (1890-1932), “Oldenburger Gestütbuch” ([1913]-1957), “Rheinisches Pferde – Stammbuch” (1895-1942).

The library collection also includes very interesting serials, among them the oldest hunting periodical “Sylwan” (1820), “Łowiec”- Organ Galicyjskiego Towarzystwa łowieckiego (1878), “Łowiec Wielkopolski” (1908), “Łowiec Polski” (1899), Kalendarze łowieckie, “Wild und Hund”, “Jager”, “National Geographic”, “Jeździec i Myśliwy” (1891), “Jeździec i Hodowca” (1922), “Koń Polski” (1965), “Reiten & Fahren St. Georg”, “Araber Journal” and others.

Currently, the publications are being converted to the MARC 221 format and it will soon be possible to view and research necessary information on-line.

The library collection is only available in the Reading Room after a prior appointment by telephone (phone No.: (+48) 22 522 66 38).



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