Ticket prices

Kantonist's Barracs

(Polish Hunting Room at the turn of 19th century; Eye to eye; In the fields and in the woods: Forest, Birds)

normal 8 zł

reduced 5 zł

Kantonist's Barracs
(Temporary exhibition):

normal 3 zł

reduced 2 zł

Kubicki's Stable
(The Zbigniew Prus-Niewiadomski Carriage House):

normal 4 zł

reduced 2 zł

One lecture 75 zł* + 2 zł/person

Special guide 45 zł*

Educational package 17 zł/person

Specialized group ticket for the event entertainment 1360 zł**

* These prices are also valid on Thursday when entrance is free.

Children under 7 enter for free.




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